Gabby’s Louisville (07/25/2022)

Valley Station

You know those “______’s Louisville” banners on the sides of buildings throughout the city? Ali and Jennifer Lawrence and Diane Sawyer and more “notable” names. We think the blank should be for all of us. (Who do you think Louisville Magazine should interview about our city? You can tell us here.)

Here are Gabrielle “Gabby” Demeary’s answers. Published Monday, July 25, 2022

Since March 2020, what’s something Louisville has lost?

“Its spark.”

Since March 2020, what’s something you’ve lost?

“Myself at one point. My job. Now, I’m working at a restaurant and am a beauty content creator.”

Since March 2020, what’s something you’ve gained?

“A new version of myself!!!”

How has your relationship with Louisville changed since March 2020? 

“My relationship with the city has been very untrustworthy. I don’t trust cops anymore, I don’t trust authority, and I’m very particular about which areas to go to in the city.”

Community is _______.

“My neighborhood. My being an African American girl living in Valley Station, I have many challenges but an amazing family around me. I’ve had to balance being too Black for the white people too white for the Black people.”

Something about your neighborhood you wish more people knew about? 

“Just because you live in a predominantly white neighborhood doesn’t make you less Black.”

What closed Louisville business do you miss most?

“The Chicken Box in the PRP area. Omgggg, they had the best loaded fries and wings, plus it was Black-owned.”

What should be Louisville’s theme song?

“Bryson Tiller, ‘502 Come Up.’ He’s speaking about how it’s hard to get out of the city and do better. It’s motivating.” 

Favorite Louisville building?

“The outside of the Muhammad Ali Center is a work of art.”

What would you name a Derby horse?

“Lucky Seven.” 

What TV character is most like you? 

“Issa Rae’s character on Insecure. Her energy is me.”

Where in town do you always take visitors?

“The Highlands. Nice bars, hookahs, clubs, great food.”

Go-to karaoke song?

“Nicki Minaj, ‘Roman’s Revenge.’ ‘I’m startin’ to feel like a dungeon dragon.’”

Most memorable show/concert you’ve been to in Louisville?

“Millennium Tour 2019 with B2K and Mario was my first concert at the Yum! Center. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!”

Something unexpected you love in Louisville?

“The Big Four walking bridge is peaceful.” 

One thing Louisville is missing?


What does Louisville have that it should be known for but isn’t?

“Great liquor.”

Something from Louisville’s past you wish people today could experience?

“The protests following Breonna Taylor’s killing.”

In one word, what’s your biggest hope for Louisville?


In one word, what’s your biggest fear for Louisville?


First thing on your bucket list?

“Travel outside the country.”

What makes somebody a Louisvillian?

“No matter where you go, they recognize you.”

In one word, home is _______.


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