I started this group called Therapists for Protester Wellness. I went on Facebook and was like, ‘Yo, people need help down there (at Sixth and Jefferson). People are stressed, and they’re having anxiety. They’re doing good work, but it’s heavy work.’ Five of us went down there the next day. Now there’s over a hundred people in the group, different disciplines: therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, art therapists, music therapists.


It’s hard being in a Ph.D. program. I’m the only Black person in my cohort, so it gets a little lonely sometimes. Like, they’re liberal thinkers, but they’re not Black. They can’t fully understand or fully meet the needs that I have when I’m struggling.



In my professional life, I’m so professional. I’m so calm. I’m so zen. So when I go to my car, I want some trap music. I want Megan Thee Stallion. I love music that gets me going like that. It’s like my alter ego comes alive.”

This is one of 26 interviews with Black women that ran in our 2020 No. 6 print issue.
Photos by Charlee Black.


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