(My friends and I) used to go out to bars, but not anymore. Sometimes we just stay at home and watch movies and drink, eat food all night, junk food, or we cook real food together.


I have a German shepherd named Brodie. I have the Louisville park pass, so whenever I get a chance, I like to take him out there and we go on walks. Sometimes me and my grandfather will go fishing, and as soon as we cast the pole, Brodie’s running right into the water.


I’m soft. I’m not as mean as y’all think I am. I’m nice. I cry too.



What gives me hope? (Big sigh.) The fact that my generation is now the one that’s going to transform — we’re taking over the world, basically. This is our time to show what we can do. They always say, ‘You guys are the future.’ Well, now is the future. And it gives me hope to know that the people I can relate to, my age group, my generation, we are the ones who are now about to have control.”

This is one of 26 interviews with Black women that ran in our 2020 No. 6 print issue.
Photos by Charlee Black.


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