My son, he’s three. Doing everything I can for him. And traveling — I want to take him places, but I was thinking of starting when he is five, so he could remember things. Just explore with him on his breaks from school. I am raising a little boy, an African-American Black boy in this world, 2020. I’m getting nervous, and I get nervous for his father as well, because he’s a Black man. And I have brothers.


I’m a medical assistant at Norton Healthcare. I just started doing that in September. I just got out of school and passed my boards and all that. I work with a company that is diverse. When it comes time to have a conversation or someone brings it up, there’s that one person that is just — I’ll say ignorant. Just stating their opinions and not the facts. I have to remove myself; I have to remember that I am at a workplace. It’s hard to bite your tongue at some things because I want you to hear me. When (the grand-jury decision was announced), they let you go home if you didn’t feel comfortable. The anxiety was through the roof. Norton made a statement. They sent out a letter. It was like, ‘If you need time off, you can go home today.’ They have counseling, therapy sessions for free. Just complete positivity.



I see myself in real estate and also owning my own staging company where someone goes to sell their house and I bring in furniture and decorate it. HGTV is my jam.”

This is one of 26 interviews with Black women that ran in our 2020 No. 6 print issue.
Photos by Charlee Black.


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